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Prepping for an International Move-What Really Matters

You learn a lot about yourself when you’re packing for an international move….such as you have way too much shit. It’s a little alarming how many giant garbage bags I’ve taken to Goodwill at this point. As you sift through the insane accumulation of belongings slowly whittling down to an amount that will fit into 2 suitcases you start to realize the things that are really important to you.

I did manage to find a creative way to bring a large portion of my tea collection. :)

All of my furniture is either staying with my ex or going to a close friend for a very low price(as part of the bargain of them storing my stuff for me). While I really like some of my furniture, it’s just not worth trying to store it over that long of a time period, especially when there’s no guarantee that I’ll end up back in California after school. Furniture is a must go; it’s more easily replaced and while you may like the style, you can probably find something later that you’ll like just as much.

I’ve made long moves where I’ve left items in storage before and after 2 years you honestly start to forget you ever had most of those things. The only things that are being put into storage are books and other miscellany. I’m very limited in the books I can bring because they are bulky and also heavy(, but a lot of the books that I have are ones that wouldn’t be easy to replace. Classics and art history books can be expensive or difficult to find, some of them discovered from the depths of the used book store, and I couldn’t even begin to think how to re-acquire them. There are also some mementos that I don’t want to part with, but I don’t want to risk dragging through a move right now.

Clothes are a tough one, because you can fit a lot in 2 suitcases…unless you’re trying to take a full wardrobe. I’ve quickly realized that even with my small wardrobe that I can’t fit as much as I thought. With the fresh start that I’m hoping to make I want to make sure that I am starting off on the right track. For me that means no more clinging onto clothes that “will look great if I just lose 5 more pounds”. If I’m limited in the clothes that I can bring then I want them all to be clothes that I can put on and feel confident and comfortable. I don’t need to be bringing negative body image issues with me in my luggage.

All in all this has been a difficult(and ongoing) process. I honestly hope that it will change the way that I live in the future because there are a lot of items that I have donated that I hadn’t even really used much. I think we live in a much too materialistic culture and that we buy and have too many unnecessary things. When we are surrounded by so much clutter we lose sight of what is important to us, we lose sight of who we are at our core. Maybe downgrading to the contents of 2 suitcases is a bit extreme for everyone, but the concept is the same. Think about what you’d choose to take with you if you had to choose, and what is an easy cut. What brings joy to your life and what simply occupies space?

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