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Jet Lag, Mosquitos, & Oppressive heat

View overlooking the city from Villa Borghese

It’s been too long since I have posted, but I am happy to report that I have successfully relocated to Roma! I arrived late on the 1st of July and have been gradually unpacking and settling in (I constantly underestimated the number of hangers I needed to buy). My apartment is as wonderful as anticipated, it is in a lovely quiet neighborhood and I love the apartment itself.

The one downside to the apartment is the mosquitos (le zanzare). They seem to thrive in this region and are active at all hours of the day. They are constantly hunting me, laying in wait to attack the second I open my door or window! There is a lovely window seat in my bedroom that is ideal for to sit in and read with a glass of wine; and while I’d love to enjoy the breeze the mosquitos will eat me alive if I open the window.

Aside from mosquitos, there are two other things I hadn’t anticipated being such a difficult transition; the heat and the jet lag. Rome in July is hot; and not a little hot, really really hot and humid. While the area of California I lived in previously would reach higher temperatures than this, I think that I didn’t take into account both the humidity increase and how often Californians are inside either cars or homes. Walking 6+ miles around hot, humid Rome is very different from driving around in hot California.

To deal with the heat I’ve been hibernating in my apartment quite a lot to escape the heat, which has left less time for exploring the city and allowed jetlag to linger for much longer than normal. It’s much harder to force yourself to go out and commit to a new time zone when it is so hot outside. My usual advice for anyone to beat jetlag is to go out and force yourself to commit to the new time zone. I definitely did not follow my own advice; because no one wants to be out and about in 98 degree heat through the middle of the day(besides the tourists, and I don’t know how they can do it!).

So it took a full 2 weeks for me to truly beat out the jetlag, but I am finally adjusted! The heat is still problematic, but I try to be productive indoors during the middle of the day, allowing me to go and enjoy the cooler evenings out in the city center. Each day I begin to feel more positive and more like myself again, this is only the beginning of a truly wonderful new adventure in life.

During my jetlag I was able to go walking through the city at the break of dawn and see the forum while it was empty :)

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