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Castello di Santa Severa

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

About a 45 minute train ride from Rome is a hidden gem in the form of a tiny little castle by the sea. When I was in Rome this December it was recommended to me by my friend Ale, and I am so very glad that she told me about it. So on a beautiful and warm winter day I headed to the coast. The castle is about a 15-20 minute walk from the train station.

While the castle was only built in the 9th century, the area has been occupied for over 2 thousand years and was home to an Etruscan seaport as well as 2 temple complexes. I was saddened to hear that the ruins of the ancient Pyrgi temples are only accessible in the summer, but I was able to explore the castle and their museums.

I ended up going out to Santa Severa on December 8th which is a national holiday in Italy called L’Immacolata Concezione, a celebration of the immaculate conception. This day officially kicks off the Christmas season in Italy and there are celebrations all over the country. Castello di Santa Severa is apparently the location for the small town's local celebration. There were people from all over the area spending time with family, buying gifts at the small Christmas fair, and they even had Babbo Natale (Italian Santa) for the local kids to visit. It was such a beautiful thing to see the locals out and enjoying this special day, it was quite fun to see the celebration on such a small scale rather than the larger events going on in Rome for the holiday.

I would highly recommend this trip for anyone visiting Rome and wanting to see something off the beaten path. The train ticket was only about 4 euro round trip, the museum was 8 euro, and the Vin Brule I drank at the Christmas fair was only 3 euro. All of it was money well spent for an unforgettable day on the Italian coast.

The adorable little girl by the tree was dancing around to the Christmas music and really made my day.

I loved this tiny window.

It had a fabulous view!

And of course I found a wandering cat to say hello to!

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