There were a lot of changes that happened in my life in 2018 that led me to re-evaluate the path in life that I was on.  Through a year of much struggle I came to the decision to apply to graduate school to get my career and life on a path towards something that I care about rather than continuing on into the path I'd fallen into after graduating from UC Berkeley.  From the ashes of one of the worst years of my life comes the start of something new and wonderful.

I am incredibly blessed to have been accepted into the Masters program in Art History at John Cabot University in Rome.  Through  the year and a half program I will be taking classes in art history from multiple time periods with a focus on the art of Rome and its influence throughout the world. 

I studied abroad in Rome as a part of my undergraduate studies back in 2015 and it was the most rewarding experience of my life.  I graduated with my degree in Classical Civilizations and the time in Rome was undeniably the best part of my undergraduate career.  There is no substitute to being able to see the artworks and monuments that you are studying in person.  No photograph in a classroom can replace that.  I can think of no better place to continue my education than in Rome, where I will be broadening the scope of my studies beyond the ancient world to look at the full evolution of art through the history of Rome.

I have received a small grant from the university to help cover the costs of tuition, and I will be taking out the max of federal unsubsidized loans.  Ideally I would prefer to avoid taking GradPlus loans out.  I would like to limit the amount of loans that I have, especially with the high interest rate on the GradPlus loans.  The campaign goal of $20,400 is the amount of GradPlus loans that JCU has suggested that I take out over the course of the program. 

I will be maintaining this GoFundMe through the course of my studies along with this blog to document my time in Rome studying with this program.   While I studied abroad in 2015 I maintained a blog on WordPress that had the same name and principle behind it; Ab Antiquo Ad Novum "From the Ancient to the New",  with the intent to highlight both the wonders of ancient Rome and the contrast of the modern metropolis that the city has become.  That philosophy is even more fitting for me as I go into this graduate program, and I look forward to continuing to share my time in Rome with anyone interested in reading it.


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